Ways We Have Helped Our Community


 The Board of Directors of Samaritan Counseling Centers, Inc. in Michigan City, IN, awarded us a Good Samaritan Service Award for 2012. This award publicly recognizes individuals or organizations in the community that embody the Samaritan spirit found in the parable of the Good Samaritan from Scriptures.  

In 2012 The NewDay Foundation began its most needed and most aggressive endeavor to date. We started a Financial Blessings Program to assist patients who are struggling to make ends meet as a direct result of their cancer treatments. The results have been greater than we could have ever imagined!

The Unity Foundation is a charity that supports other charities in the LaPorte community. They have awarded NewDay a $10,000 trust every year since 2013 to be used for cancer patient medical expenses that live in the LaPorte County community.

Funds through the Unity Foundation Mossette-Levine Trust for 2016 were raised to $15,000, with a praising approval review of how NewDay has been distributing the funds distributed to the patients.


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About These Donations

Many patients receive transportation to and from Dr. appointments and treatments, thanks to our 8-10 volunteer drivers who donate their time and gas, and have also become friends with the patients. As most of you know, The NewDay Foundation is solely run and operated by volunteers. Many of those volunteers are cancer survivors who are giving back. We are blessed to have our Door Village Church family and community friends so supportive in keeping this legacy alive and growing.