About NewDay Foundation
The NewDay Foundation is a non-profit organization, founded by Connie and Scott Marhanka in 2003.

Connie battled breast cancer for over 7 years. She had been through seven different chemotherapies, two rounds of radiation treatments, four major surgeries, half dozen outpatient surgeries, gene and hormonal therapies, and a whole host of other issues. She was an amazing woman and she still inspires us all!

She wanted to start this foundation for her 40th birthday. We announced the foundation and launched our campaign at her 40th birthday Luau party in Aug. of 2003, and have been moving forward ever since.

The thought behind the name is, every day is a brand NEW DAY! That’s how Connie and Scott made it through their own struggle. One day at a time.

The Teddy Bear Gift for cancer patients was inspired by Connie's ongoing desire to ease the fear and apprehension cancer patients experience during their pursuit for remission and a cure.

Connie was successful in relieving her own anxieties and complications through the use of music therapy. Connie used music as a form of relaxation and therapeutic healing as she traveled her journey.

The NewDay Foundation is passionate about keeping Connie's legacy alive, and continues her dream of bringing comfort to those who have chosen to fight cancer.

n 2007, the foundation started a music scholarship fund for high school seniors that are pursuing their college dreams in the field of music. NewDay also has a community project which provides hand knitted or crocheted prayer shawls. These shawls are put in our “Bag of Hope” which is delivered to first time chemotherapy and radiation patients, to help relieve their anxiety and to let them know they have a support system. Also included in the bags is a journal, decorated by “The Cave Scrappers”, a relaxing cd, words of encouragement from a survivor, a prayer and a small teddy bear.

In 2009/2010 NewDay started transportation for cancer patients that needed a ride to and from treatment. We also assist clients with living expenses as they face the financial burden of rising health care costs and living expenses.

The foundation is now being run by the Door Village United Methodist Church in LaPorte, IN.